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Colour Soap was founded with one mission in mind: Spreading happiness around the world!

It all began when the two founders of Colour Soap figured out that one's daily morning habits defines one's mood of the day. By digging deeper into the said habits, they were convinced that a good shower was therefore the key factor in setting the mood to having a good day ahead. But how to enhance that simple action and turn it into something wonderful you ask? Soap! On that same morning, Colour Soap was born with the idea to change an everyday basic product into a fun, gorgeous smelling, colorful and simply, a happy soap.

With Colour Soap we aim to solicit 3 of your main senses for that great experience:

Your Touch: The quality of our soap is our first focus. We want the best for your skin and that’s why we pay extreme attention to the quality of our raw materials. Our first battle is to fight against urban dehydratation.


Your Sight: Through fun colorful designs and patterns reflecting the inspiration from our travels but as well as from the latest trends. We believe in the power of colours and through them, we want to contribute towards making a better world. 

Your Smell: Through a delightful choice of fragrance, carefully picked by our experts. Our fragrances will deliver an amazing experience during your shower but as well during the day with a strong base specifically chosen to stay on your skin.



All our soaps are Made in Mauritius in our own factory with love and care. Our island is a true paradise and we want to make sure to share a part of it. Colour Soap pays close attention to the production of its collections and only uses the best materials. 

Colour Soap ensures that our suppliers respect high standards. We care about details and it allows Colour Soap to maintain quality and constantly develop our product quality.

Colour Soap is using a vegetal base, is fighting against animal testing and ensures our employees are working in the best environment.



From Mauritus to Paris passing by New York or Dubai, we love to travel and discover new places and cultures. Cities and beaches are our field of play. We love fashion, art, architecture, music and food. We are inspired by what is around us and makes us happy.



Our ambition is to spread happiness. By using our soaps you will be part of our community and you will become our happiness ambassadors! 

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